Yuhuan: Push Forward the Reform of Valve Industry Chain Integration

Yuhuan city is the largest production and export base of medium and low pressure copper valves in China, known as the "China valve capital ". There are more than 1300 plumbing and valves manufacturing and processing enterprises in the city, with an annual output value of 35 billion yuan, of which 13.726 billion yuan is self export, accounting for more than 25% of the total output value, foreign trade export and market share of similar products in the national valve industry.

Since 2020, relying on Taizhou innovation center of Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University Zhejiang , Yuhuan has established the Internet platform of valve industry , promoted the deep integration of big data, blockchain technology and traditional manufacturing industry , and took the lead in establishing the e-commerce platform of the whole valve industry chain in China, realized the high concentration of resources in the valve industry chain, and effectively solved the problems of weak purchasing and bargaining power and low production efficiency of local valve manufacturing enterprises .

● Building User Data

Establish the basic data and information database of plumbing valves and smelting enterprises to consolidate the data foundation for resource integration and docking on the plumbing valve industry chain. Up to now, more than 800 plumbing valves and smelting enterprises have been included in the database management.

● Realize Industry Data Sharing

In depth docking with the valve association, relying on the Internet platform and the big data center of valve industry, collect data of "copper processing", "copper price", "copper consumption industry data" and "copper smelting" in different periods, formed industry index, and provided vertical industry information , sales and forward-looking analysis of valve enterprises Data support, such as grid early warning, domestic and foreign industry public opinion analysis, to achieve industrial data sharing. For example, relying on the data sharing platform, enterprises can accurately grasp the industry situation in real time, take targeted and effective measures, actively respond to the impact of the current epidemic situation and international situation, timely adjust production and sales, and reduce enterprise risks.

● Establishing Alliance and Collaborative Production

The online platform deals with orders from customers of small and medium-sized valve enterprises. According to the product specification, quantity and other factors, the orders are disassembled and assembled again, and assigned to the cooperative enterprises with corresponding process, equipment and other production factors in the platform. Through the Internet of things and order scheduling system, the factories in the platform can cooperate to complete products with different requirements, so as to maximize the production capacity and production efficiency of each enterprise . Through the collaborative production of cross factory alliance, the capacity of platform cooperative enterprises has increased from about 40% to more than 60%.


Post time: Mar-15-2021