Since the beginning of the 2021, the price of brass bar has caused social concern

Since the beginning of the 2021, the price of brass bar has caused social concern. After the New Year’s Day, the price of brass bar has been rising, more than 17%. It is worth noting that after the Spring Festival in 2021, the copper price keeps rising and the price hits another record high. Copper as an important raw material in the brass valve and brass fitting appliance industry, the rapid rise of copper prices will have a greater impact on the brass productions appliance industry.

Since 2020, major copper-producing countries around the world have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, which has highlighted the tightening of the global copper mine in the context of the peak of new capacity expansion in China’s copper smelters. Chile and Peru are the world’s largest and second largest copper suppliers. Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus in South America, copper production and transportation have been greatly affected. Copper mine supply concerns have pushed copper prices higher. Compared with overseas copper mines, domestic copper supply in 2020 was not significantly affected by the epidemic, and domestic large-scale copper concentrate was less affected by the epidemic, but some small copper mines began to recover gradually in the second quarter.

How does WDK deal with it?

According the characteristic of brass valve and brass fitting, Zhejiang Wandekai Fluid Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd makes the 2-3 month order plan when WDK arranges the order. If the orders are not urgent, we will put off the orders until the price of brass bar is stable.



Post time: Mar-06-2021