Signing ceremony of global strategic cooperation agreement

On January 30,2018, the signing ceremony for global strategic cooperation between WandeKai and WATTS was held.
Watts is a global leader of quality water solutions for residential, industrial, municipal, and commercial settings. WandeKai have built a strong cooperative relationship with Watts for more than 10 years with high quality products and good service.Our cooperation includes:Quarter Turn Supply Valve ; Multi Turn Supply Valves ; F1960&F1807 Brass Fittings ; Brass ball valve,etc.
Only when cooperation can develop can cooperation be win-win and cooperation can be improved.
Strategic cooperation is based on long-term win-win considerations, based on common interests, to achieve in-depth cooperation.First, consider how to establish short-term and long-term common interests. The so-called strategy is to proceed from the whole, consider each other’s interests, and maximize the overall interests.
1.How to deeply understand enterprise strategic management
Strategy — Overall decision making over a relatively long period of time
The strategy has the characteristics of guiding, overall, long-term, competitive, systematic and risky
2.Study on mental Models of managers
Managers’ mental models influence different types of strategic decisions that determine a company’s performance
Thought – action – habit – character – destiny
3.Competitive advantage and core competitiveness
Competitive advantage is a set of factors or competencies that enable a company to consistently outperform its competitors
Core competitiveness is valuable, scarce, irreplaceable and difficult to imitate
4.How to make strategic planning under the current situation
In the face of the changeable economic environment, we use a variety of analytical tools to solve the strategic planning problems of enterprises
5.Selection of competitive strategy of enterprises at present stage
Learn from the successful and failed strategic cases of Chinese and foreign enterprises, define the strategic significance, and choose the strategic management mode suitable for the development of enterprises.

Post time: Sep-18-2020