Shipping dilemma in May 2021


In recent days, news of logistics delays caused by congestion at North American ports and long waiting times for container ships has been continuing without end. Shippers are hoping to mitigate the impact on the logistics market as they adjust to the lack of capacity to meet all the demand.

On April 22, Maersk announced significant delays on its trans-Pacific routes due to continued congestion at North American ports. Congestion at Asian ports, bad weather and congestion on the Suez Canal have exacerbated the situation.

As a result, ship turnaround times have increased by two to three weeks over the norm, resulting in more than seven days between some voyages from Asia.

How does WDK deal with it?

According the characteristic of brass valve and brass fitting, Zhejiang Wandekai Fluid Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd take measure as below:

• Making the order plan when WDK arranges the order.

• Booking the shipment when WDK arrange the order.

• Inform the customers in advance, send the order plan in advance.

Post time: Apr-30-2021